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User management, authentication and access management
User management, authentication and access management
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Automated access management based on GitHub, GitLab cloud, and Bitbucket organizations

Out of the box, Aikido will onboard and offboard your developers automatically. We do this by checking who has access to your organization's repositories on GitHub, GitLab cloud or Bitbucket.

If a user has access to ALL repositories inside of your Git organization, they will automatically gain access to Aikido after logging in. If a user no longer has access to all repositories, they will automatically be offboarded from Aikido as well. For example, this would happen if an admin removed someone from the GitHub organization, or converted that user to a collaborator with restricted access.

Access via Gmail, Office365, Okta

If your organization uses GitLab self-managed or Azure DevOps, it's not possible to authenticate via the Git provider. In those cases, we allow Gmail and Office365 logins.

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