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Setting up CI Integrations
Setting up CI Gating with our CI integrations
Setting up CI Gating with our CI integrations
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CI gating is available for all of Aikido's CI integrations. With Aikido's CI Gating feature you can scan your feature branches for known vulnerabilities in open-source software packages (CVE), exposed secrets and SAST (static application security testing).

How does it work

To get started, log into Aikido and go to the CI Integrations page. Start by generating a secret key. This key can be inserted in the GitHub Secrets or in GitLab Variables as AIKIDO_SECRET_KEY.

After running inside of your CI, Aikido will display a link with the scan results for this specific branch. Given we scan the specific branch (and not the entire repo again), Aikido tells you about both fixed and newly introduced issues for this specific change.

If Aikido detects an issue is fixed inside of a feature branch, it will be marked inside of Aikido as "PR open", so you can easily verify an issue will be fixed even before merging a feature branch.

Our CI Integrations

If your integration is not in the list, you can still integrate by using our Public CI API.

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