Create Account and Connect Your Repositories
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Welcome to Aikido, where we prioritize the security of your software without compromising on your data's privacy. At Aikido, we stand firm on our commitment: we never store your code.

As soon as you have done account setup and connected repositories, Aikido will instantly start a scan. Results will start coming in within 1 minute. By connecting your repositories, you will already be benefiting from six different security scans (SCA, SAST, Secrets, Licenses, IaC, Malware).

You can setup an account in Aikido through your version control system —be it GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or on-premise solutions.

Detailed Integration Guides

For more specific instructions for account setup, please check out the dedicated articles below:

These guides provide detailed steps and considerations for a smooth and secure integration process tailored to your needs.

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