Enable SLAs in Aikido

Setup SLAs in Aikido for improved issue resolution and service delivery.

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You can enable SLA settings in Aikido to automatically assign due dates to tickets. This facilitates a structured and timely approach to issue resolution based on their reported time and severity.

How to enable SLAs in Aikido

  1. Navigate to the Settings -> SLA settings

  2. Ensure the 'Enable SLAs' option is turned on to implement SLA rules.

  3. Input the number of days for resolution in the fields for Critical, High, Medium, and Low priority issues to establish SLA time frames.

  4. Set up the 'Due Soon' notification threshold by specifying the number of days before the SLA deadline, which will highlight impending due dates on the SLA Due Soon view.

  5. Click 'Save' to apply these configurations.

SLA Information in Aikido UI

After setting up your SLA parameters, here's how you can monitor your SLA due dates.

  • Sidebar Information: Next to each subissue in the sidebar, you will see the SLA information, providing a quick reference to gauge urgency. Hover over the label in order to view the date.

  • SLA Due Soon Filter: The SLA Due Soon view view displays issues that are close to breaching the SLA, based on the threshold set. Enable this filtered view by clicking the Filter Icon on your Feed and select SLA Due Soon.

  • Out of SLA View: The Out of SLA view lists all issues and subissues that have exceeded their SLA limits. Enable this filtered view by clicking the Filter Icon on your Feed and select Out of SLA.

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