Export RAW SBOM of your containers

Export RAW SBOMs in Aikido to pinpoint issue origins and component installations in your software

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Exporting a RAW SBOM with Aikido enhances software security and transparency. This feature is particularly useful for:

  • Identifying the filesystem locations of issue discoveries.

  • Tracking the origin of installed components.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Navigate to any container detail page on Aikido.

Step 2: Click Actions in the top right.

Step 3: Choose Export RAW SBOM to generate and download the SBOM for your container.


The RAW SBOM Export is available only for images scanned by Aikido, not for those analyzed through AWS Inspector or GCP Vulnerability Scanning.

More information on setting up your container canning with the Aikido Scanner can be found here.

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