Authentication and User Management via BitBucket Cloud
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Aikido ensures a one-to-one mapping with this BitBucket Workspace, including repositories and teams. This streamlines the onboarding and offboarding processes within Aikido.

If you have multiple BitBucket workspaces, you can connect these by setting up multiple Aikido workspaces.


  • Automatic Onboarding: After initial connection with BitBucket, all BitBucket members of this group will be able to onboard Aikido automatically, on the condition they have access to all repositories in this BitBucket workspace.

  • Effortless Offboarding: Aikido will sync access every night and auto-offboard members that are no longer active in your BitBucket Workspace. This means that when a member is removed from the BitBucket Workspace, they automatically lose access to the Aikido Workspace too.

  • Synchronization of Teams: Aikido replicates your BitBucket team structure (i.e. User Groups in BitBucket). Groups need to have access to repositories in order to connect responsibilities of repositories to the teams in Aikido.

  • Daily Syncing: Currently, Aikido updates the team structures, repositories and access permissions on a daily basis.

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