Authentication and User Management via GitLab Cloud
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When you create an Aikido workspace based on GitLab Cloud version, you select a GitLab Group. The Aikido workspace will consist of the main group and all its subgroups and underlying repositories.


  • Automatic Onboarding: From that point on, other GitLab members of this group will be able to onboard Aikido automatically. Note: this only on the condition that they have at the least 'reporter', 'developer', 'maintainer' or 'owner' level of access to this group. 'guests' will not be able to get in.

  • Effortless Offboarding: When a member is removed from your GitLab Instance, they automatically lose access to the Aikido workspace. Aikido will sync access every night and auto-offboard members that are no longer active in your GitLab instance.

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