Authentication and User Management for GitLab Self-Managed
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If your organization uses GitLab self-managed, it's not possible to authenticate via the Git provider. In those cases, we allow Gmail and Office365 logins.

Onboarding of Users

Manually invite via email (default): You can invite users via the Aikido platform on the specified email, and the user will be able to access Aikido directly.

Auto-onboarding: Aikido can check whether the email that is being used for login is available in the GitLab instance. This is based on adding trusted domains. Contact us to help in setting this up.

Important notes on auto-onboarding

  • All users will need to have their 'public email' field exposed. Currently, GitLab does not allow yet to force this upon all users (more info).

  • The email used for login and the email in the 'public email' field need to be exactly the same. Aliases are currently not supported.

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