Split Your Monorepo Per Path

Manage your large monorepos more efficiently by splitting them into smaller, manageable units per path.

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Aikido allows you to split up your large repositories / monorepositories per path, improving the overall management of your security issues.

Use Cases

  • Ideal for projects with a large main repository containing numerous subdirectories managed by different teams.

  • Facilitates a clearer overview within Aikido by dividing large repositories into smaller, more manageable parts.

  • Increase scanning speed. Giant repos often take a lot of time to scan.


  • Only available for Pro Plans. Contact Aikido in order to enable this functionality.

  • Available for GitLab (Cloud/On-Prem) and Azure DevOps (Git/TFVC).

  • Supports SCA, SAST, and IaC scans only. Secret scanning is not available for split repositories.

How to split up your repositories

Step 1: Go to the repository detail page and add /split to the end of its URL in the browser's address bar (e.g., https://app.aikido.dev/repositories/330080/split). This will direct you to the page allowing you to split your repository.

Step 2: Enter the split points. These are the paths within your repository that you wish to separate. Input all the paths you want to see as individual entities.

Step 3: Select Split repo. This action deactivates the original repository configuration and divides it into smaller repositories for scanning. You can view all these in the repository overview. All specified paths will be shown with a tag next to the original repo name.

Step 4. Assign different subpaths to different teams. More information on how to set up teams and assign responsibilities can be found here.


  • You can add new paths at a later stage. You can do this by going again to the base repo from where it was split. Do not add the already existing paths, new ones are sufficient.

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