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Image scanning for Azure Container Registry

Image scanning for Azure Container Registry

You can now integrate your Azure Container Registry with Aikido to scan your containers for known vulnerabilities.

Follow the simple steps below to activate this feature:

Step 1: Log into your Azure account and navigate to the container registry you wish to link. We'll have to gather the registry name, a secret token and the token username. The registry name can be found at the top of the detail page of the registry (see screenshot)

Step 2: To create a secret token that can pull the containers, scroll down in the left-hand menu to the 'Repository permission' section and click 'Tokens'. Name the token 'aikido' and create a new scope map. Aikido will need the 'content/read' scope to pull the images and the 'metadata/read' scope to list the images and tags available in your registry. You will need to add the permissions for each repository that you want Aikido to scan.

After creating the token you have to click it again to generate a password. That screen should look like the one below:

Step 3: Back in Aikido, go to settings, then containers. Click 'Connect registry' and pick

Azure Container Registry. Enter the data from the previous steps. Username being the Token name.

Step 4: Aikido will now find all container repositories you can access and list them.

Step 5: Repositories can be linked to a code repository in order to perform better deduplication of findings. This step is optional!

Step 6: In the action menu next to the registry, click 'scan repos in registry' to get started. Results will appear in the Feed!

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