Local Scanner CLI options
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The Aikido Security Local Scanner is a tool that enables you to perform Aikido Security scans within your environment, ensuring your code never leaves your premises. Below you can find the options that can be passed when running the local scanner.

Usage: aikido-local-scanner scan [options] <path>

Run a scan.

path The path you want to scan.
--apikey <apikey> Apikey to send scanning results to Aikdo.
--repositoryname <repositoryname> Repo name to create or send results to.
--branchname <branchname> Branch name that is being scanned.
--tmpdirectory <tmpdirectory> Temporary directory to use during scanning. (default: "./.aikidotmp")
--debug Add additional debug information to command output.
--disable-artifact-scanning Disable trivy rootfs scanning. Use to speed up scanning at the cost of not scanning artifacts such as .jar files
--scanners [scanners...] Specify which of the scanners should be executed. (choices: "trivy", "semgrep", "checkov", "syft")
-h, --help display help for command

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