Aikido never stores your code
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In short: Aikido does not store your code after analysis has taken place. Some of the analysis jobs such as SAST or Secrets Detection require a git clone operation. Below we talk about the technical measures we take to ensure your code is protected:

  • We perform risky actions such as git clones in a fresh docker container for each repository. After analysis, the data is wiped and the docker container is terminated.

  • For Github, no refresh or access tokens are ever stored in our database. We use the new GitHub Apps which do not require this. Even a database breach of Aikido itself would not result in your GitHub code being downloadable.

  • By default, our integrations require a very minimal read-only scope. Only if you enable special features such as Autofix Pull Requests, Aikido will request write accesses.

  • Aikido has SOC2 Type 2 & ISO27001:2022 certification. A report is available upon request. That means we adhere to several organizational and technical policies by default.

  • Aikido runs on AWS in the EU-west-1 region in Ireland. That means all processing and storage will stay in that location.

The process we use to ensure code security:

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